Do you rule your castle?

Who rules the roost in your house?You?

I beg to differ.

Long gone are the days where you were the master of your castle.

It took me some time to come to this realisation.

My partner and I had discussed this a few days ago trying to convince each other of who was in charge.

I am the main bread winner, without me everyone would starve. She does the finances, gets the kids to school and all that come with the house…and the list went on.

I was about to accept defeat when we looked at each other, sighed, and almost in unison looked at the children.

Take today for example.

We had planned to go to Camden since the girls were at school and nursery for the day. We only had the baby, who, after drinking her milk went on to vomit. Our third had a bad tummy but still wanted to go to school and our fourth had a stomach bug the previous evening.

There goes our plans.

We had to stay local in case the school or nursery called to come pick one up.

No one called, but knowing a parent’s luck, had we gone further than the local area we would have been in very deep xxxx to our knees.

See what I mean?

We are controlled by the temperament of our beloved children.

So we started discussing, who, between the five rules the most.

Our first one is sweet, compliant and always ready to please. She has a certain hold over her sisters, but mainly due to being the eldest. She tries to get them to do what she wants or believes is right and when they don’t listen, it turns to frustration, a fight or a temper tantrum. She does try to over compensate, bless her, maybe because she is the eldest and feels that she needs to, for praise or just because she is that nice.

Our second is so laid back she might as well be asleep. She helps when she’s made to, other than that she is happy in her own little world. She follows her older sister with everything. I guess she is a bit of a follower.

We concluded, at this point that the first two are not the boss.

We then moved on to number four.

At four years of age, she is overly active (I’m being careful with my wording because I don’t want to give the wrong impression). She doesn’t stop. If she’s not running, she’s jumping or climbing and if she’s quiet it’s because she’s asleep. Even on nights when she can’t settle she’s making a raucous.

However, she’s reasonable, as much as a four year old can be.

The baby is number five. She’s always smiling, playful and if you put Peppa Pig on, she’s calm. She’s also very helpful and kind for one her age.

Last but not least, number three.

If you had paid attention you would have noticed that she was missing. I left her last on purpose and you’ll see why.

I’ve heard many people say that children are the ultimate manipulator, mainly due to their dependency they need to find a way to get what they want or need. Babies do it by crying, toddlers by being cute and then there’s my third child….

She knows when you are tired so she throws a tantrum or if you’re in a good mood she’ll be her charming self.

I said before that our children know us better than we’ll ever know ourselves, however, this child can get what she wants from anyone.

She managed to wrangle out of her aunt; a pair of new (expensive sandals), sweets, chocolates and a three course meal at a restaurant.

All in one day.

She even managed to get one of teachers to give up her lunch.

All she had to do is look at you with those big blue eyes, batter her eyelids and smile. She makes glaciers melt.

She’s such a strong character that she can change the atmosphere in a room just by walking in. Not always in a positive way. If she’s in a temper with someone she gives them the silent treatment!

She’s five!

She won’t talk to you and looks at you like; what do you want? Who do you think you are?


She’ll come and sit on your lap, relax, cuddle you, then smile and everything is okay with the world.

How can one person do that?

I’ve known a great variety of people, from the annoyingly happy to the grumpiest grump (who make me laugh because even when they are having the best day of their lives they can find something to moan about).

Looking at the facts, and putting it in writing keeps making me sigh. Did we go wrong somewhere, did we spoil her or is it nature?

The days where we were the masters of our own life is long gone. We can still do a lot, especially when they are well. However, we came to the conclusion that the third child is the leader of the pack, the one that can make a day pleasant or the worst in your life.

We don’t walk on eggshells because of her, good god, we are strong individuals ourselves and it’s going to get more and more interesting the older she gets and learns new ways to butt heads with us.

Eventually, she will be someone else’s realisability. She will meet this person, get into a relationship, move out and once she has her hooks in, it will be too late. She will show her true colours and shatter every fantasy of this cute, big eyed fairy. Let’s not forget, fairies are considered tricksters after all!

I’m laughing now for this poor individual and she’s only five. I pity them, but not enough not to unleash her.

Good luck world.

She will either be the next world ruler or the next mad scientist.

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