Last but not least

Every now and again I have spoken about one of my children in particular and in this post I’m going to do just that.My youngest child is so sweet and tender.

I don’t know how else to start this.

She’s not comfortable around people she doesn’t know, she tends to hide and tells them ‘away’ whilst putting her hand up. Which always gets a chuckle.

When she gets to know someone and likes them, then she’s the happiest soul you could ever meet, wanting to spend as much time as possible with this person and holding their hand.

Like every child she loves to play.

She has taken to a doll house bought for her from a charity shop. Her sisters, being somewhat jealous of their stuff (depending on their mood) wouldn’t let her play with theirs. Now she does the same to them when they try to play with her house. She will sit with it for hours, making up her own games and she’s only twenty-two months old, it has chairs and people and you can see her brain ticking as she tries to sit them down and pretends to make them eat. 

I am fascinated by her.

I’ve heard this term and I like it so I’m going to use it to describe her: she’s placid.

In the sense that when we go out, she’ll sit in her buggy and won’t make a fuss.

We like going for coffee ( we love our coffee, but that is for another time), our favourite place being Starbucks (I can hear some groans). The staff are friendly and the coffee is not too bad.

When we enter, she runs to the back for a highchair, allows herself to be put in and asks for her bobob ba (that means chocolate bar) and shuish (juice) and that is her content whilst we have our coffee and relax before the school runs begin. Sometimes we might take a pad and some paper and there is nothing in the world that can stop her from drawing.

She’s crafty, patient and smart.

I was observing her as she played around her sisters. They had the large Lego blocks out and next to my fourth was the train. My youngest wanted it, but her sister stopped her from taking it.

Instead of fighting for it, she withdrew to the couch, crying that it was hers.

She watched her sisters and once their backs were turned, she snuck over on her tip toes and nabbed it.

It took a couple of minutes for my fourth to realise what had happened and looked at her younger sister in dismay. I could see from her face what was coming and it did….


Daddy was nowhere to be seen because he was too busy hiding whilst laughing his head off.

The nicest thing is that my older children dote on her. Even after that event, had it been another sibling, it would have ended in a fight,instead, she went up to the baby, who had dismantled the train by that point and fixed it for her, allowing her to ‘choo choo’ around the living room.

She’s also very good when it comes to bed time. She asked for her milk, allows you to lead her up to bed and won’t make a fuss. The only time she doesn’t is when she’s teething or not well. She finds it hard to settle at that point. I’ve had her ask me to take her to bed when she’s tired.

My third is the only one who would do something like that. The only difference is; my youngest takes my hand and says ‘bye bye, bed.’ Instead my third used to sit at the bottom of the stairs crying (some things haven’t changed).

She likes cuddles. She will sit next to me on the couch watching Peppa Pig, snuggle up and relax.

My favourite thing to do with any of my girls.

There are many teachers and carers for her. Her elder sister always keep one eye open for her, making sure she doesn’t get up to any mischief or go near anything she shouldn’t. They stop her going up the stairs and help her up when she falls.

It’s like watching the three brothers in Legends of the Fall (if you haven’t seen it, you are missing out). The way they look after their little brother even when they’ve all grown up.

It’s how I see my girls being with the youngest. She will always have this security blanket over her.

For one so young, she’s also very polite. She’s full of please and thank yous, or peease chan chu (it’s how she pronounces them).

Another lovely trait of hers is she’s very caring and considerate, she asks you if you’re okay, she cuddles you when you are sick or hurt and she willingly shares, as much as a child of her age can, she will offer a piece of her chocolate to her sisters and smiles when she knows she has done something nice.

What I hope is that as she grows older, she doesn’t change. She’s an old fashioned soul in a young body. I know life gets in the way and some people lose themselves. I really pray she doesn’t.

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