How do you take yours?

It’s strange being an adult with responsibility weighing on my shoulders. There is always something to do, places to go; be it the school, shopping or a birthday party. The day just doesn’t stop and time always seems to be running faster than me, most of the time it feels like a race against Usain Bolt at his prime. It never stops, even after the kids are in bed; the mess they leave behind has to be cleaned up, dishes to be done…. We all know how it goes, by the time you sit down, it’s time to go to bed or you wake up on the couch in the middle of the night.The mornings….oh the mornings. There is no functioning without coffee, especially in our household. It’s like the life blood for the adults. We make an effort to be up before the children, doesn’t always work though.

I remember when I was living with my mother, in the before and after period, unless she had her jar of coffee (to give you a better understanding of how much she drank, because she drank espressos from the Italian Mocha), there was no talking to her. Her brain was scrambled until she had her morning wake up. She couldn’t even move her lips, she’d lean on the kitchen counter and with every sip her body would straighten.

We are not that bad, by any means. Let’s be honest, Italians are known for their coffee drinking as well as their food.

Anytime I went back on holiday, I’d sit at the breakfast table and everyone, including my cousins of whatever age, would be drinking the caffè latte with biscuits. In town we’d have to stop at the bar for an espresso or five. One for the digestion after their huge meals, and sometimes as a night cap.

Libyans like their coffee too, theirs is stronger though. It’s especially nice with a drop of rose water of orange blossom. It needs it though, being very similar to Turkish coffee. Add some Turkish delight with it and it’s heaven.

Going to the coffee section at the store is like going to a candy shop with all the variety from Italian to Colombian, Kenian, French, espresso, Nescafé, nespresso, flat white, cappuccino, latte…, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee….

Sorry, I got a bit lost there, I was having a Homer Simpson moment.

We do enjoy going to a coffee shop when the kids are at school, having a coffee or two, get the youngest a juice, before we go off and do some shopping. We can’t really go with them, they overwhelm us and they like doing the ‘I go this way, you go that way’ game.

We have a couple of our children who have got a taste for tea and coffee.

Please, understand, it wasn’t through us.

We’d make a friend or family member a cup of tea or coffee and whilst we were distracted by the conversation they would have stolen the mug and demolished the drink.

The others won’t go near the stuff, they have sniffed it and turned their nose up in disgust, asking us ‘how can you drink that stuff?’

Then there are the usual ‘I’ll never drink tea or coffee, even when I’m old like you.’

Thanks for the ‘old’ part.

I remember saying the same thing to my parents and look at me now.

Admittedly it’s not very nice when you can’t function properly until you’ve done your morning routine, but I guess everyone has one and I’ve got to live with mine, especially if you consider that my job requires me to get up at three in the morning at times. At that time of the morning, that pick-me-up is a blessing in disguise.

I guess there are worse things I could do.

So, tell me one thing, how do your take yours?

At home I have mine black, no sugar and as strong as can be. When I go out I like a flat white, which is small, creamy and easy to drink.

It’s not strictly true that we won’t go to a coffee shop with the kids. I enjoy the cafe experience with them, especially when they are well behaved, I’ll get them a smoothie or something of the sort and a cake.

There isn’t much you can do as an adult with five kids, time isn’t on your side, always on the go, cooking, cleaning, school, nursery, nursery and school again, laundry, dishes, uniforms and the list goes on and on and multiply it by seven people, it’s an incredibly high mountain. So going out for a coffee is a little break, a time to relax and enjoy the day before going back into parent mode.

I don’t know about you, but I know we need it, it might be for a half hour or so, but it’s enough to feel recharged and human for a little while.

So, if you decide to meet up with us, just let us know how you like your coffee!

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