Summer and schools

Let me tell you a little story about one of my children:She couldn’t have been more than eight months old, she had been put upstairs, in her crib for her morning nap. When it was time to get her for her lunch, her auntie went up to my room, looked in the crib and couldn’t see her. She went back downstairs and asked her mum, why has she been sent up to an empty crib?

In a panic, the child’s nana ran upstairs, looked inside the room….

The baby wasn’t there anymore.

She looked around and there, underneath the crib was the baby, playing.

Here was a child who could barely sit up on her knees, who somehow managed to pull herself up and out of her bed.

We knew then that this child was special.

Meet my fourth child and if you have been reading my previous posts, you will have come across her here: What will she do next?

She is clever, her brain doesn’t stop and I have a feeling that she gets bored easily, she either lashes out in frustration or can be destructive, especially when she gets her hands on something that doesn’t belong to her. She has ripped my net curtains and almost pulled the curtain fixtures out of the walls.

There have been plenty of occasions that we have walked in to a room and found the new toy broken, she’s away, hiding somewhere and for some reason, its never her sisters toy that get broken.

After a while she emerges and when asked she blames the sisters that are out (ie school or at a party), with the biggest and cheekiest smile she can give you.

She is clumsy, my god, is she clumsy. Constantly bumping her head on things, falling and hitting herself off….anything.

It’s funny and sweet though that when she hurts herself, she will run to one of us and try to tell us what happened and the words ‘I hurt myself!’ Make us smile, then, whether she needs it or not, ‘ I need a plaster!’ Showing us where she hurt herself.

Her clumsiness is followed closely by her inability to stay still. She is constantly running up and down, left and right. Everything is done at a sprint. You see this shadow running through the corridor and if you’re not ready for it, you might miss her. She doesn’t stop, she is on the go from the moment she wakes up until she is put to bed.

Now, you might ask, why am I writing about her again? These things have been mentioned on a previous post.

Well, I am writing this because, come September, she starts reception.

Whilst my other three go into year 5, 3 and 1 respectively, she is in her first year of school.

It’s an occasion for mixed emotions. Especially for me.

On one hand, we want to kick off our shoes, sing and dance with glee around the house like lunatics, but just as quickly there is this feeling of sadness that another one of our babies is growing up.

She is going to take that active brain of hers and she’s going to start learning how to read and write. Which could be good for her, it will keep her preoccupied and a thirst for knowledge could soothe her.

What makes this harder is that as she starts school, my eldest is coming to the end of her primary education, which means that we have to go in search of a secondary school that we believe will be suited to her and her siblings. One that can nourish and push them in the right direction.

It might only be year 5, but we have been advised to start looking from now because of the amount of schools in the area (thank you for the tip and you know who you are).

And just like every parent, we don’t want our children to go to ‘that’ school.

That’s one thing that I’m dreading; my children growing up. I know it’s something that I can’t stop, but I wish it would slow down a bit, give me a bit more time to spend with them as children (slow the blasted ageing process).

It’s bad enough being called old by them, but I don’t want to start feeling it, my eldest is two weeks away from turning nine, for crying out loud! Where has the time gone!?

As it goes, I have a busy year ahead of me, but saying that, we’ll have only one child at home who will start school in two years time.

That will feel strange when we have a childless house for most of the day.

Saying that, I do look forward to the next scholastic year.

I can’t wait to see how my fourth in will develop. I’m looking forward to exploring the local secondary schools as well.

My partner has done her homework and looked at the Ofsted reports and has a few schools in mind.

But for now, we are going for try and enjoy the chaos that is the summer holiday and put the idea of schools and education at the back of our mind. For now anyway.

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