A gift for me and the abstract

A couple of years ago Loom Bands were all the rage and my eldest was begging for a massive three layered box full of different coloured bands.

She used it once and forgot all about them.

She spilt them a few times and found the job of rearranging them in their respective colours too much of a chore. So, she chucked them in, his them and were never to be seen again.

Or so we thought.

Then, my second and third found them and asked their sister if they could use them.

She obliged.

I was surprised at my five year old’s skills and patience.

She spent over and hour making me a necklace.

She would come over, every so often, to check how much more she had to do.

The first time she came over it was only two inches long.

I thought; when she realised the mass of her chore she would give up.

She didn’t.

Every ten minutes she would come over for a measure then disappear once more.

This peaked my eldest’s interest and decided she was going to make me something.

This is what they made:

Then along came my fourth, picked the box and tipped everything over.

It’s funny now because the mess has been cleared up, but their room had become a carpet of bands.

It was great to see them spend an hour making the their respective project and double the time clearing up their sister’s mess.

There’s a point to all this apart from the girls playing nice and the little laugh about having to clean up their sister’s mess.

My third child’s memory and abitlity to do things that can seem beyond her age.

During her last year at nursery she brought a drawing home that not only astounded us but also her teachers.

She made several others, similar and just as astounding.

She started to show off that big brain of hers when her first puzzle arrived.

She would do them over and over again and the number of pieces got bigger and bigger.

She has got puzzles of 200 pieces.

At one point she got bored of the puzzles she had and as a joke I told her to do them on top of each other.

I don’t know how she did it because when she started doing the second and their one, the amalgamation of colours and patterns was dizzying, but in no time at all she had finished them.

Her brain amazes me and the way she sees patterns is dumbfounding.

We try to challenge her, but what happens when we run out of ideas. I’m sure she will be the one to challenge us to come up with new and more abstract ideas to keep that mind of hers busy.

reflections from me

4 thoughts on “A gift for me and the abstract

  1. oh gosh mine went through that stage they were everywhere! At the moment the seem to have forgotten about them. It’s loads of baking these days which is just as messy if not more so lol. My eldest now 12, loved puzzles when she was little it is so good for their brain and for fine motor skills, keep encouraging it!

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    1. We are encouraging her and the others as much as we can.
      We tried the baking and cooking. I’m Sergio at baking so I leave it for mum but with five children it becomes very very messy. We find flour in places we didn’t think it could get to a week later


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