The Daddy Tag Challenge

Are you a Stay at Home Daddy or a Working Daddy?

I’m a full time working dad.

Would you have it any other way?

I love being a provider even though I would love more time at home with the family. But I can’t have it both ways.

Do you co-change dirty nappies? Even the very smelly ones?

With every one of them. The first time I changed a nappy I put it on the wrong way round.

A little fairy gives you the possibility of breastfeeding? Are you going for it or do you run away?

The sweet thing to say would be to say I would do it, but…in all honesty I don’t envy the chaffed and raw nipples. The pain when there is too much milk.

It would be a great bonding exercise though.

What is the one must-have item for a daddy?

Apart from patience and a childish nature all dads needrheir own nappy bags (I say this now but I still haven’t got one).

How many kids do you plan on having?

I wanted two, maximum three but I somehow managed to have five children (puzzled look in my face), but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lads’ nights? How often do you have them?

I’m a man who likes spending as much time with my family as possible. I had my first lads night (with my brother in law) during the England v. Russia game, since having kids.

Your children’s favourite achievement?

Any time they come home with a smile on their face from school or club they participate in.

What is your best memory with your kid(s)?

There are so many. The bracelets the kids have made me, the birthday cards they’ve designed, the I love you and I miss you notes.

Name one thing you miss since being a daddy?

Sleep and being able to do what I want when I want. Now everything is pre-planned and ran like a military operation.

Weight gain, before pregnancy, during, after and now? And we mean YOU DADDY, not the mummy!

All throughout, but I had to shift it all when I was turning up to nursery and school as the fat dad. It was time to change things when I got asked why I am so fat?!

Dream holiday with your kids?

To take them to the countries that Icome from, mainly Libya because it’s one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.

Italy… Well, who wouldn’t want to go to Italy?

Dream holiday without your kids or even without the other half? (You’re allowed to dream)

Australia and Canada, but my other half hates flying.

I want to see a, mainly untouched, country like Canada and Australia because…I want to.

How has your life changed since having kids?

For the better, I’m less of a s**t head. I live and breath for them and any time I have off work is for them. They are my world.

Finish the sentence “It makes my heart melt when…”

They sit and cuddle me, they tell me that they love me or have drawn me a picture or left me a note when I have to work late.

Favourite beers brands and football team?

Coors light. Chelsea/Inter-Milan.

Huggies or Pampers?

Reusables, in the long run they are so much cheaper. Also the patterns that are made are so much fun.
Have you always wanted kids?

Oh yes!

Best part of being a dad?

Just being a dad. Seeing their faces full of life and seeing their unconditional love for me.

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